Autumn Calling...

This summer has been incredible and busy, I literally zoomed out of the lockdown taking my power boat course the day we were finally allowed out to play. I am now also a qualified SUP (stand up paddle board) instructor teaching beginner level courses at Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

I've been lucky to be able to take part in my annual yoga retreat at Casale Pundarika amidst lush Tuscan hills, greeting sunrises, waving good bye to glorious sunsets, spending days in silence, meditation, asana practice, roaming at night looking for wild boar, and deer, and elusive porcupines. Deeply nourishing experience, suspended in time and space which I am so grateful for.

So lots of yoga classes, workshops and trainings later autumn has now arrived, the air suddenly crisp and full of possibilities and new offerings. I now teach two classes at RLSC - Monday morning gentle Slow Flow at 9.30 and Tuesday evening Yoga Flow for All at 7pm, a stronger, but still accessible practice. Both classes are Vinyasa based which means that poses are not held for long, but linked together in dance-like sequences creating breath led meditative practice.

Another source of my regular classes is beautiful Macclesfield based Pure Yoga Cheshire studio. Saturday 10am Vinyasa Flow is a strong fun practice designed for regular practitioners, still with plenty of modifications to adjust to different levels of experience. I also teach Mellow Sunday Yoga at 10.30am most weeks, a gentle slow flow to move and reset the body for the week ahead and an occasional Friday Yin at 5.30pm - very nourishing and rejuvenating practice suitable for most. I post weekly class updates on my Instagram and Facebook pages and you fancy coming to one of those here's the booking link

Last but not least, some of you will know that I've been making skincare products mainly for myself and my friends, and during the lockdown I finally took it one step further and tentatively extended this offering to general public. I've been working towards incorporating self-care routines into my yoga teaching - so watch this space for some exciting workshop news! In the meanwhile here's the link to see what it's all about

That's all for now, hope to see you on the mat very soon!

With all my best wishes, Yuliya

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